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The AIA Ohio Student Design Awards program focuses on high quality, innovative design responses. This program allows students to submit any project they have worked on during the past academic year, including projects completed outside of the classroom setting. Students may even elect to re-address projects previously submitted as part of course work and improve their original design solution.  The AIA Ohio Student Design Awards provides all students with the opportunity to submit their best and most innovative work.

Student Work

General Submission Requirements

  • Students may submit any work that they have completed either individually or as a team within the past academic year. (June 2016 –July 2017)

  • The work can be from a studio project, independent study or just a project or concept that appeals to the student.

  • The submission requirements for the in-house jury will be up to each school.  Some may want to require boards, some a web-based or cloud submission, while others might ask for more traditional PowerPoint submissions.  All are valid.  The end result is that AIA Ohio is looking for each school to select the top eight (8) submissions to forward on to AIA Ohio.  AIA Ohio will require the winning projects to upload their submissions via Openwater, a web-based awards management program that permits the submission of a variety of different formats, including jpg, pdf and word documents.

  • The students, in addition to their images, will need to submit a written description of their work.  This should be a 100-150 word statement of their process, or their approach to addressing the studio problem.  While projects will be evaluated on the entire composition, it is also important for the projects to be juried against the students’ own statement.

Jury Process

The Schools

  • AIA Ohio would like to see the best and most innovative designs submitted and as part of this focus, we are leaving the submissions wide open.  There are no restrictions as to the type of projects submitted.  Each school may decide as to whether each student may submit more than one project.  The only requirement from AIA Ohio is that each school submit no more than eight (8) projects to the AIA Ohio jury. 

  • AIA Ohio requests that the jury process include (in addition to faculty) design professionals, alumni, or others who will help elevate the process and the interaction of practice and academy.  While there are a number of adjunct faculty in many of the schools, it is our hope that others outside of the faculty would be invited to participate in this process. The actual makeup of the in-house jury remains the responsibility of the schools and AIA Ohio will accept the process determined appropriate by each.

  • Through this process, the students will have the opportunity to submit their best work that illustrates innovative, contemporary thinking on a range of topics.  Once each school’s jury has selected the top eight submissions, the students/schools will be provided with information on how to upload those projects to Openwater for AIA Ohio to review.

AIA Ohio

  • Once submissions are uploaded to AIA Ohio via Openwater, the jury will review all submissions provided from the schools. 

  • The jury will be selected by AIA Ohio and will include respected designers from throughout Ohio who are members of the AIA and who represent some of the same innovative thinking approaches to design that we seek from student submissions.

  • Given the anticipated variety in submissions, the jury will have flexibility in determining awards and the number and rank of awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd place, honorable mention).  At least one first place award of $1,000 will be provided with other awards equaling not less than $500.  A total of approximately $5,000 will be awarded.

Submission Format

The process for submitting and reviewing projects is flexible and adaptable to student and school needs.  AIA Ohio will ask that the submission and review of student work and the school jury process occur any time between April and the end of June.  We have not yet set the deadline for 2017 submissions.  AIA Ohio will assemble a jury to review once submissions are in.  All submissions will be entered through the OpenWater Awards Software.



Winning Submissions

Student award recipients will be recognized at the AIA Ohio Valley Convention in Indianapolis on September 27-29, 2017.  It should be noted that as part of the student submissions, AIA Ohio is not requiring printed or mounted displays.  The projects will be displayed digitally.


Call for Entries will be announced in the Spring of 2017

2017 Jury Chair