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AIA Ohio ‚Äč25 Year Award Program

2018 Program: TBA

The test of time is used to single out the executed projects that receive this award.


Any AIA Ohio member, group of members or component may nominate a project for the Twenty-five Year Award.

  • The award is open to architectural projects of all classifications and may be one building or a related group of buildings forming a single project.

  • The project must be located in Ohio, must have been completed 25-35 years ago, and must have been designed by an architect licensed in Ohio.

  • The project must be standing in a substantially completed form and in good condition

  • The project should still carry out the original program.  Change of use is permitted when it has not basically altered original intent.

  • Nominations previously submitted may be resubmitted provided they still meet the stipulated date of substantial completion of the original project.


Each submission shall contain the following information:

  • Nomination Statement: The first page shall be a nomination statement by the sponsoring AIA Ohio member, group of members or component, and shall include the name of the sponsor by whom the nomination is made and the current address, email address and telephone number of the sponsor.  

  • Description Page: The second page shall be a short description of the original project; a statement of the condition of the project with respect to use and general appearance at the time of the submission; a brief outline of the transformations, if any, that may have taken place in the interim period; the current location and name of the project; and the name of the original architect.
  • Images
    • Provide 4 to 8 (black & white or color) images
    • A site and floor plans to properly illustrate the project in its original condition.
    • If available, provide 4 to 6 images, a site and floor plans showing the extent of intervening changes to assist the jury in its evaluation. 


No fee